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Looking back : Advent

As I look back through previous posts and projects here at anewloom, Advent is a time I’ve often developed something to share with the world. Some images and links are broken due to having moved and renamed and messed about with the blog over the years but there’s still some great material. In my previousContinue reading “Looking back : Advent”

Searching for Dust

I’ve not read a lot of fiction. Growing up I was a big fan of factual books. This hasn’t changed much over the years but I have a great love of TV Dramas and watch a lot of films. Like theatre, screen dramas can draw us into another world, a place to explore our emotions,Continue reading “Searching for Dust”

Looking Back

As I prepare to take on the new challenge of being a freelance dad and I work out what I’m going to focus on, I’ve been looking back to some of the projects I’ve developed in the past. Many of these projects were ideas that didn’t really take off (by which I mean, become financiallyContinue reading “Looking Back”


anewloom is evolving… anewloom is becoming a business… a business which seeks to curate spiritually aware communities. The design of the website has changed accordingly – with a new homepage, about page, content relating to developing digital communities and information on a consultancy service. Over the next few weeks we’ll be re-posting some old contentContinue reading “Rebrand”


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