CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’

Below is a copy of 'Who's the Kale?', a poem of quotes, snippets of conversations, ideas and observations that I shared as a creative summary of the CMS conversation day on March 4th 2019. I introduced it by saying that I hoped it was the essence of the participant's collective experience of the day. Download… Continue reading CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’

Last Sunday – Nov 2018 : Advent Reflections

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in Nov 2018 was a based on a series of Advent Reflections focused on various characters from the nativity story. I Want To Be Joseph (Printables) Some photos...

Last Sunday – The Beatitudes

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in July 2018 was on the theme of The Beatitudes and focused on how they are revolutionary compared to what society thinks will make us happy. The theme was introduced using an excerpt from something Pope Francis shared with a gathering of Catholic Youth a few years ago. This was followed by… Continue reading Last Sunday – The Beatitudes