Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 9 : Advent Ecology

One of my favourite artists is Andy Goldsworthy, his use of natural materials and installations out in the wild are fascinating. I've always been keen on exploring ecology, the environment and our impact on it - I wrote my undergrad dissertation researching the differences in ecocentric and technocentric eco housing. St Francis also explored ecology… Continue reading Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 9 : Advent Ecology

CMS : Dr Who morning worship

I'm just catching up on posting a few things I've done the last couple of months. Every now and then I lead the morning worship for fellow students and staff at CMS when I'm there for lectures. I based my last one on some thoughts from the new series of Dr Who. My notes are… Continue reading CMS : Dr Who morning worship

Last Sunday – Nov 2018 : Advent Reflections

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in Nov 2018 was a based on a series of Advent Reflections focused on various characters from the nativity story. I Want To Be Joseph (Printables) Some photos...