Last Sunday – Never a Stranger

'Never a Stranger' was the Last Sunday service I curated for Foundation in April. The theme was based around the story of Jesus meeting the disciples on the road to Emmaus. There was a cool central focal point of a large signpost that was used as a context for the opening drama, the basis of… Continue reading Last Sunday – Never a Stranger


Last Sunday – Homeward Bound

In March I curated a service for Foundation called 'Homeward Bound' We went on a journey around the Church to 4 different immersive environments that focused on various verses from Psalm 23. The service opened with a Dramatic Monologue from a homeless person at a bus stop. I personally liked this service as I think the collect and… Continue reading Last Sunday – Homeward Bound


Foundation's Last Sunday service in February was based on a brilliant service I attended at Greenbelt in 2009. It was all about slowing down, not being part of the more, more, more culture. I magpied some of the liturgy Church on the Corner used in 2009 then interspersed some other ideas. Here's a copy of… Continue reading decelerate