CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’

Below is a copy of 'Who's the Kale?', a poem of quotes, snippets of conversations, ideas and observations that I shared as a creative summary of the CMS conversation day on March 4th 2019. I introduced it by saying that I hoped it was the essence of the participant's collective experience of the day. Download… Continue reading CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’

Book Worm Wednesday : Graphic Scripture

In this new series of 'Book Worm Wednesday' posts I will highlight some the books I own, the ones I enjoy reading to my kids or I'm reading for my MA... Today - Books that represent the Bible in a visual way. A few weeks ago I was given 'The Infographic Bible' which is an… Continue reading Book Worm Wednesday : Graphic Scripture

Last Sunday – Nov 2018 : Advent Reflections

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in Nov 2018 was a based on a series of Advent Reflections focused on various characters from the nativity story. I Want To Be Joseph (Printables) Some photos...