Last Sunday – Hope, Humility & The Art of Risk Taking

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in June 2018 was a celebration of St. Peter. The service focused on 3 areas - Hope, Humility & The art of risk taking. running order station 1 station 2 station 3 take away prayer Some photos...  

Last Sunday – Thy Kingdom Come

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in May 2018 followed on from the Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative by focusing on the Lords Prayer.   This service had a short introduction before an extended time of personal prayer and reflection with more 'stations' than usual. We also had a huge labyrinth in the nave which looked great. reflections… Continue reading Last Sunday – Thy Kingdom Come

Last Sunday – A Whisper Will Be Heard

The Foundation Last Sunday Service in April 2018 was based on John Chapter two. We read the same passage 4 times looking at different aspects of its context and meaning. The dominant symbol was in the middle of the nave, a collection of tables, fabric, coins and ecclesial items in a 'cleansed temple'. The coins were used… Continue reading Last Sunday – A Whisper Will Be Heard