Fireside is a network of local groups exploring how we might reinvent masculinity. If you are interested in joining or running a fireside group then please connect with us while we develop the digital platform and resources – you can help shape the future of this project…


This exciting new venture aims to build an ecumenical community of faith based pioneers to share resources, develop local groups, find jobs and host events. We aim to launch Sandbox in the spring of 2021. We are looking for partner organisations and sponsors so that resources are free to pioneers – do be in contact with us if you can help out or suggest an organisation we should be talking to.

The Guild of the Yawning Cloister

The global pandemic has awoken a new spiritual hunger in people, both inside and from outside the church. The Guild of the Yawning Cloister aims to resource individuals and groups to explore ancient Christian spirituality. By taking part in a ‘spiritual adventure programme’, participants will engage with weekly activities and reflections in themed blocks between 4 -12 weeks.

Can you help support or develop these communities?

Let’s build something together.

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