anewloom consultancy focuses on the spirituality of your context.

Whether it’s a group you lead or work in, a whole office, a theatre company, a school, a group of friends, a sports team… we can tailor our workshops to your needs.

Exploring Spirituality

What is spirituality? How would you define it within your own life? Why does it matter? We can help you to explore these questions (or others you may have) through innovative activities, reflections and discussion.

Corporate Spirituality

There is a broad range of understanding as to what ‘corporate spirituality’ means. We believe it’s important for groups to define it in a way that makes sense for their context. This process is completed as a group whether it’s a C Suite retreat, a team away day or a series of workshops.

Mission Spirituality

What is the origin of your understanding of mission? what does it mean to live missional lives? how can be define contemplative action? We can help churches, TEIs, Christian charities or mission organisations explore these questions (orothers you may have) through creative sessions using play and storytelling.

About your consultant

James is a facilitator who draws ideas, experiences, knowledge and stories from a group of participants. He has over 20 years experience across education, design, theatre and faith based sectors. He draws on all these experiences to facilitate creative workshops that are interactive, participatory, upbeat and fun. James can tailor workshops to any context or number of participants.


I was immediately struck by his energetic persona and terrific sense of humour. He will often work with a creative intensity that leaves me breathless. The standards he achieves are astonishing in terms of production values. All this and he’s one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. If you have a diverse community that needs communicating to, compassionately and effectively, James is THE man.

Tracey Linegar

– Artistic Director at Alma Studios

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