multi use space

I struggle with the space in which I worship – a 160 year old church sandwiched between two main roads. It’s not the architecture as such, although the paintwork leaves a bit to be desired… It’s mostly the furniture. Large wooden pews fill the nave from front to back and although I love to showContinue reading “multi use space”

what the church might learn from the Yamaha PDX-11

So, after a break over the Christmas Season – re:wired church is back looking at how the church engages with technology and science (or should / could engage anyway). I have slightly broadened my base of research to include publications on gadgets and also a couple of new websites so hopefully I’ll find some reallyContinue reading “what the church might learn from the Yamaha PDX-11”

CO2 eating cement?

In the same way that many churches have signed up to being Fairtrade, your church may also have jumped on the eco bandwagon (in a positive kind of way). Does your church have an environmental policy? If it does, it probably states you should use environmentally friendly building materials (wherever listed building status allows) whenContinue reading “CO2 eating cement?”