Education vs Experience

Stand up comedy is hard isn't it... I tried some the other day at a fundraiser that I'd been asked to do some story telling at. I actually think the material was sound but the 100 or so drunk young rugby players who looked like the cast of Top Gun didn't seem that engaged. My first… Continue reading Education vs Experience

How hacking could help the church get more creative

This is a copy of my April post for Big Bible - please do check out all the other Digi Disciples! 'Hacking' is bad. it's done by rebels and revolutionaries trying to bring down institutions or make a political stand. Or that's how it was. Over the last couple of months I've attended a number… Continue reading How hacking could help the church get more creative

Apps – They’re Child’s Play

Puck Meerburg is 12. He has 7 Apps (mostly free) which include TafelTrainer which helps children learn their times tables and a guide to The Netherland's oldest museum. Meerburg taught himself Javascript, PHP and jQuery when he was seven of eight and hopes to be a games designer. Puck says that "In 10 years, computers… Continue reading Apps – They’re Child’s Play