Is This the Greatest Show?

This year's conversation day at Church Mission Society had an arts theme. I designed a series of posters and accompanying reflections which mashed together; pioneering, the greatest showman and vintage circus designs. You can download a PDF of the booklet below. Is This the Greatest Show BookletDownload

CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’

Below is a copy of 'Who's the Kale?', a poem of quotes, snippets of conversations, ideas and observations that I shared as a creative summary of the CMS conversation day on March 4th 2019. I introduced it by saying that I hoped it was the essence of the participant's collective experience of the day. Download… Continue reading CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’

CMS : Dr Who morning worship

I'm just catching up on posting a few things I've done the last couple of months. Every now and then I lead the morning worship for fellow students and staff at CMS when I'm there for lectures. I based my last one on some thoughts from the new series of Dr Who. My notes are… Continue reading CMS : Dr Who morning worship