The 101 Project 017/101 – Flash Gordon

the 101 project is well under way now with boards being completed all the time. This post is about Flash Gordon. Flash Gordon began life as comic book in the 1930s, designed to compete with Buck Rogers. A tale of Earth under threat and a mad scientist who makes a rocket ship to go and saveContinue reading “The 101 Project 017/101 – Flash Gordon”

The 101 Project 016/101 – Wonder Woman

the 101 project is full of boards based on comic book characters, and why not – comics have some of the best artists working for them and the characters lend themselves fantastically to all sorts of fan art.   It seems fitting on World Women’s day to celebrate the 101 pinterest project Wonder Woman board.  Continue reading “The 101 Project 016/101 – Wonder Woman”

The 101 Project 010/101 – Batgirl

As with Catwoman, Batgirl has always given the Batman comic books a bit of sex appeal. Having been in the DC comic universe since the 60s there has been many reincarnations of the character and as the 101 pins on this board of the 101 project shows, there is also many illustration styles. I reallyContinue reading “The 101 Project 010/101 – Batgirl”