CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’

Below is a copy of ‘Who’s the Kale?’, a poem of quotes, snippets of conversations, ideas and observations that I shared as a creative summary of the CMS conversation day on March 4th 2019. I introduced it by saying that I hoped it was the essence of the participant’s collective experience of the day. DownloadContinue reading “CMS Conversation Day – Church : Inside Out? – ‘Who’s the Kale?’”

Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 25 : Jesus

On Christmas day, just a little reminder to remember the reason for the season. Today’s visual inspiration is a collection of images of Jesus from around the world in various styles. I chose not to use images of the Nativity as it’s worth remembering that this is the beginning of a mysterious story that leadsContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 25 : Jesus”

Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 24 : What’s in a word?

In this penultimate post in this year’s series of Advent reflections, I wanted to move away from movies and illustrations and geekiness to something potentially more high brow, or at least different. Typography has been a long held interest of mine, the choices people make about fonts, type, colour and layout of text are intriguingContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2018 : Day 24 : What’s in a word?”