The 101 Project 007/101 – Alice in Wonderland

One of my favourite stories, Alice in Wonderland is a journey into the unknown with marvellous characters and craziness at the turn of every page. The original illustrations are a joy in themselves but many other artists have produced a wonderfully diverse range of images showing the weird characters Alice meets. This board is aContinue reading “The 101 Project 007/101 – Alice in Wonderland”

The 101 Project 004&005/101 – Batman & Arkham Asylum

The 101 project continues to grow, with nearly 4000 pins at the time of writing this post. The 4th and 5th boards completed are on the theme of Batman, the 4th being Bruce Wayne himself and the 5th a collection of illustrations featuring many of the villains he has fought. I have not included CatwomanContinue reading “The 101 Project 004&005/101 – Batman & Arkham Asylum”

The 101 Project 003/101 – Childhood TV

So, the third board of 101 pins is complete over at The 101 Project! Who doesn’t enjoy reminiscing about the tv they watched as a child right? And perhaps like me, you have started to build a collection of those classic 70s and 80s shows now that they are being released on DVD? There isn’tContinue reading “The 101 Project 003/101 – Childhood TV”