CMS : Dr Who morning worship

I'm just catching up on posting a few things I've done the last couple of months. Every now and then I lead the morning worship for fellow students and staff at CMS when I'm there for lectures. I based my last one on some thoughts from the new series of Dr Who. My notes are… Continue reading CMS : Dr Who morning worship

Last Sunday : The Fourth Joyful Mystery

I've been doing a bit of work for 'Foundation', an alt:worship community in Bristol, within the Anglican tradition. Their worship is shaped by ancient and contemporary sources, ranging from monastic and contemplative traditions to creative and multimedia reflections.  I've been tasked with curating the 'Last Sunday' services and including elements of; creative worship, dramatic scripture, reflections, prayer… Continue reading Last Sunday : The Fourth Joyful Mystery

can we create uber church?

So I think we could learn a thing or two from, the new website that intends to rescue you from taxi rank hell. You've been there: it's 3am and raining in London and you've been waiting for a taxi for half an hour after a big night out. Feels good, huh? Travis Kalanick felt… Continue reading can we create uber church?